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It is currently possible to take advantage of all the benefits of therapeutic plants. Indeed, more and more research and studies prove the effectiveness of these natural medications. They are very easy to use, practical and advantageous. They offer multiple virtues and do not cause any danger. Its good actions on the body are also demonstrated. We will especially talk about ground ivy which is a plant from Europe. It is a virtuous herb with the scientific name glechoma hederacea and from the lamiaceae family. Inside the ground ivy resides resin, tannins, wax, alkaloids, rubber, flavonoids, bitter substances and choline. To understand the therapeutic functioning of this plant and the care solutions it provides, we will provide you with more information below.

A natural cure for various genes and chronic pathologies

For stay in good shape, ground ivy is our daily partner. It is a medicinal herb whose regular use has become almost essential. Indeed, this precious plant ensures the repair of all the genes and diseases that block the proper functioning of our body. It acts to take care of inflammations (biliary, respiratory, digestive, gastrointestinal, cardiac and mucous membranes). He participates in skin care (abscesses, ulcers, boils and scrofulous affections). Ground ivy also helps to limit intermittent fevers, treat whooping cough and fight against obesity.

Ground ivy: its forms and its phytotherapeutic deployment

All choices in herbal medicine : tinctures for a dose of 3 ml, to be taken three times a day); Essential oil ; syrup to treat bronchitis and colds (the dosage should not exceed 60 g/d); infusions or herbal teas, to drink three cups a day; fresh juice from 30 to 80 g per day; no more than 4 g/d of powders in wine, alcohol (2 tsp/d) and expectorant milk (1l of milk and 50 g of leaves).

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All the gains and privileges offered by ground ivy

Ground ivy contains a lot of active nutrients. It is very generous in aromatic essence and minerals: vitamin C, salts, sugar, gum and particularly fatty, vinic, caffeic and acetic acids. The benefits of its use are not limited, because it can also be consumed with or without cooking: in salads or to embellish soups and soups.

Precautions and all precautions for use

You don’t have to enjoy the ground ivy in case of kidney or liver diseases, in toddlers, during lactation and gestation. Very abundant consumption can cause slight or significant discomfort. The durability of a treatment based on this weed must end in 15 days.


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