Why does the body need the orthosiphon?

Orthosiphon is known by many names barbie flora, cat’s whiskers, misai kucing, java tea or java tea. It comes from Southeast Asia and belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Its reputation is based on its ability to treat bladder and kidney diseases. But in general, it is a herb with many virtues that act on the entire body. Indeed, it is antifungal, draining, antibacterial, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory, antihormonal and antioxidant. It also contains potassium salts, luteolol, saligenin, rhamnazine, flavonoids, cirsimaritin, scutella, sinensetin and other nutrients.

Usually, the orthosiphon treats what?

A natural medication which optimizes biliary and digestive suppression. It reduces uric acid levels, the growth of nitric oxides and kidney stones. It fights against urinary retention, lithiasis, diabetes, rheumatism, cystitis, cholesterol, gout and liver-related problems. It rebalances blood pressure and fights against hypo andhigh blood pressure. This plant also prevents cell aging and protects the skin.

Phytotherapy treatment in various forms with the orthosiphon

The leaves are flooded with active compounds very useful for the manufacture of:

  • Liquid extracts to eliminate cellulite (500 g per dose).
  • Infusions of the leaves to improve blood circulation (3 teaspoons of dried leaves for a glass of boiling water).
  • Powders of dried leaves (20 g per liter of water, taken three times a day).
  • Food supplements (2 capsules of 100 mg, to be taken three times a day).
  • Low-grade essential oils.
  • Herbal teas and capsules.
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Dosage may change depending on each user’s particular expectations, needs and expected results.

All the good reasons for using the orthosiphon

It eliminates bad fats, wastes and toxins. Indeed, it purifies the kidneys and drains the bladder. For a slimming diet the orthosiphon by infusion must be taken regularly, because the effect of its constituents does not last more than 24 hours. To optimize the appetite suppressant action, it is best to drink this herbal tea half an hour before meals. In addition, its consumption can be prolonged over a long period (3 to 4 months), because it is rich in potassium. I’orthosiphon also has a detoxifying, gastro-protective and anti-aging quality. It can be used for ornamental purposes.

Distrust of taking or using

It has no adverse effects, but it still has contraindications. Indeed, its consumption is not good for young children, adolescents and breastfeeding women. Same principle during pregnancy and for people who suffer from nephritic crises, heart failure or kidney problems. Seek the advice of your therapist before starting an orthosiphon cure or supplementation.


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