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Infant massage creates a bond between infant and parent. It ensures his development at the cognitive and affective levels. It also provides therapeutic benefits. Massaging a baby allows him to relax and stimulate his senses. Massage should be done with great care. Many experts present the practices in pictures or on videos to show how to do it well.

Parents can therefore learn them and enjoy moments of complicity with their children. Babies need physical contact to feel safe. For newborns or infants with problems, a doctor’s approval is required before perform a massage.

Who developed baby massages?

In 1973, Vimala McClure observed that India’s economic difficulties did not affect children. She notices that they were having a massage every day and notes the well-being that this brings. Thus, she then decided to create the IAIM association. It promotes healthy touch for babies and children everywhere. The source of baby massage comes mainly from India, Sweden, Yoga and reflexology.

The benefits of baby massage

Massaging a baby increases the production of oxytocin and melatonin. These two hormones promote attachment and sleep, respectively. Melatonin also helps regulate your baby’s sleep cycles. The relaxing effect of massage significantly reduces the stress babies endure during the day. It releases tensions and blockages. Certain gestures can relieve pain (dental, disorders, trauma, etc.).

In some cases, massage promotes weight gain in babies. It helps to have a good digestion and eliminates gases. It reduces colic. As a non-verbal communication, massage helps to amplify listening to external signals. Massage maintains baby’s body temperature. By stimulating blood flow, it ensures the circulation of oxygen.

How to properly practice baby massage?

The first practices must be supervised by a qualified therapist or a doctor. To be done after the bath, before going to bed, the massage is done between 10 to 15 minutes. Massage should never be done right after a meal. You have to wait at least half an hour. He might get tired quickly and be even more irritated. There is no minimum age for the massage practice.

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At first, the baby may be reluctant. It takes a lot of gentleness, patience and above all a lot of attention. For introduce the baby to massage, it is recommended to do fairly short sessions. You can extend the duration over time. The massage can be done with or without clothing. However, skin-to-skin contact offers many more benefits. In all cases, the room temperature should be around 25°C.


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