Why is glucose-fructose syrup so bad for us?


Fructose glucose syrup

If you look at the labels on processed foods, you’ll notice that most are loaded with glucose-fructose syrup. Its ever-increasing use by food manufacturers is correlated with a significant increase in obesity each year. If you want optimal health, you should avoid consuming foods that contain glucose-fructose syrup. Although scientists continue to test the consequences of high glucose-fructose syrup intake, there are 3 basic reasons why it should be avoided, here they are.


diabetes and glucose syrup

Too many biscuits, cookies, cakes and sweets in a diet will provide a huge amount of glucose-fructose syrup, which can lead to diabetes. The problem is that processed foods are so rich in this syrup that we quickly go beyond the limits. For example, most sodas contain it as well as cereals and pastries…


Glucose syrup and obesity

Eating foods containing glucose-fructose syrup from time to time will not harm you, but if you include it with every meal, you risk gaining weight. Although glucose-fructose syrup is an alternative to sugar, it is not natural. Your body takes 3 times longer to digest and eliminate glucose-fructose syrup than natural sugar. As you will have understood, a daily intake of glucose-fructose syrup will quickly saturate your body which will therefore have difficulty getting rid of the surplus, thus causing weight gain.

Blood pressure

Glucose syrup and blood pressure

While glucose-fructose syrup leads to obesity, it can also jeopardize other important body functions. The more weight you gain, the more stress you will have on your body and your circulatory system. The result ? Blood pressure that explodes the counters.

To avoid consuming too much glucose-fructose syrup, opt for so-called natural foods (not processed by industrial processes) and eat more fruits which contain natural sugars, easily digestible by the body.

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