Why is pressotherapy important?

Pressotherapy is a drainage technique. These are the veins that are drained mechanically. Various devices are used which are called pressotherapy devices. They can come in different forms. Like a belly belt, leg boots or arm sleeves. They are connected to an air compressor. They are also equipped with small tires that inflate one after the other. Thus, pressure will be exerted sequentially or continuously but at regular intervals. The amount of pressure depends on the areas targeted and the desired effect.

invention of technology

Doctor Emil Vodder invented this technique. It’s a physiotherapist but also a doctor of philosophy. Alexis Carrel’s work on the properties and characteristics of lymph had inspired him. The lymph kept the chicken cells alive.

Thus, in 1936, Doctor Vodder developed the lymphatic drainage. It is also called method of stimulation of the lymphatic system. Its effectiveness was scientifically recognized 20 years later.

The benefits of technology

The pressotherapy accelerates blood circulation in the body. Leading to a stimulation of blood exchanges and an increase in the elimination of waste. The drainage effect allows the fight against the accumulation of toxins.

Pressotherapy devices give better results compared to manual lymphatic drainage. This is because the device has different pressure levels. Thus, they can be modified according to the ailments to be treated.

the pressotherapy massage helps to eliminate various problems of the body. These include water retention, edema, venous insufficiency and heavy leg sensations. This is also the case for swelling and a feeling of fatigue.

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By improving venous return, it can prevent varicose veins.

It also ensures an overproduction of lymphocytes. These are immune cells. So there is an improvement in the body’s defenses.

It facilitates postpartum recovery.

In slimming treatment, it refines the silhouette and reduces cellulite. At the same time, it improves the quality of the skin.

Conduct of a pressotherapy session

On average, a session lasts about 30 minutes.

The professional in pressotherapy and the patient must have a very thorough discussion during the first appointment. This is to identify the ailments to be treated and the key treatment areas.

The 3 areas that can be treated are the legs, abdomen and arms. The choice depends on the ailments to be treated and the patient’s expectation.

If it’s for relieve lower back pain, the abdomen is treated. In case of tendonitis and joint pain, it is the arms that are treated. The legs are more sensitive to edema and water retention.

During the session, the patient settles down comfortably. It is equipped with an abdominal belt or sleeves or large boots. Thus, he will feel the pressure exerted by the device. It’s soothing and relaxing.


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