Why lift heavy?

Working out with heavy weights is one of the most effective ways to achieve your bodybuilding goals and transform your physique. Unfortunately, many people avoid heavy work for fear of injury or lack of confidence or desire.
Yet heavy lifting causes amazing changes in the body, improving brain function, hormones, metabolism, and the heart.
While there are other alternatives to progressing your physique, pushing heavy is still one of the most effective methods to progress.

Gain strength faster

Being stronger solves many problems. Pthe stronger you are, the faster you can transform your physique. Strength is also correlated with increased levels of fat-burning hormones in both men and women. This basically means that the stronger you are, the faster your metabolism will be.
Strength gives confidence and challenges your abilities, also making you stronger mentally.

Build muscle and improve your physique

The muscles help protect the back during the efforts of everyday life. We are more explosive, more functional for carrying objects, etc. Muscle mass also has a protective effect on health. It is scientifically proven that the greater the muscle mass, the greater the chance of surviving cancer. More muscle also means stronger bones and a lower risk of osteoporosis.
Another interesting element, a higher muscle mass is correlated with a greater number of insulin receptors and therefore with a better use of energy. Naturally, you will therefore be less likely to have diabetes, suffer from obesity and heart problems.

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Burn more calories and lose more fat

People often make the mistake of thinking that exercises such as jogging, cardio machines or group classes are more effective for losing fat. This is due to the fact that the energy loss during these cardio exercises is generally higher than during a traditional weight training session. But it’s what happens after the effort that really matters.
Lifting cast iron elevates post-workout energy expenditure (EPOC) significantly compared to traditional cardio. This is due to the metabolic stress that weight training places on the body.
Training at high intensity with high loads several times a week is all the more useful because it recruits both muscle and neurological transmission, promoting not only more defined musculature but also improved coordination.

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