Why use Cocculus Indicus in homeopathy?

firmly diluted chemical, animal, mineral or vegetable substances. Generally used for very different symptoms, they have no therapeutic indication or contraindication. The Cocculus Indicus strain comes from the fleshy fruit (with seeds) of a shrub called: coque du levant. This plant contains a neurotoxic poison (picrotoxin) and it belongs to the Menispermaceae family. Traditionally, this homeopathic medicine of plant origin is used in case of nausea, migraines, seasickness and vertigo. Currently, it is a homeopathic dilution frequently used in neurology, gynecology and in the treatment of behavioral disorders. Based on saccharin (sucrose) and lactose, the granules soak up the homeopathic dilution of Cocculus Indicus (7CH).

Cocculus Indicus, for what care?

During pregnancyCocculus Indicus calms vomiting and nausea. This medication acts on painful periods associated with abdominal bloating or colic. he can relieve heavy legs and the melancholy of menstrual cycles. It improves the mood of people who are irritable, nervous or frequently anxious. In addition, it ensures the improvement of the emotional state of individuals who are too sensitive to jolts or noises.

To solve the neurological problems, this strain promotes relief from dizziness and migraines. These discomforts often occur during pregnancy or after a trauma. In behavioral disorders, this remedy treats depression, nervous exhaustion or fatigue, anxiety and hysteria.

The Cocculus Indicus also shows its performance in case of:

  • Insomnia;
  • Earaches, Menière’s disease;
  • Psychic slowing following night work (nurses for example) or overwork;
  • Sleep-related disorders (with nocturnal awakenings, difficulty falling asleep) following prolonged sleep or jet lag;
  • Fatigue related to the change of time (changeover to summer time or winter time);
  • Motion sickness: in car, train, plane or boat: with nausea, dizziness but not better in the open air;
  • Dysmenorrhea accompanied by nervousness, irritability or migraines.
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Dosage of the Cocculus Indicus homeopathic strain

With its toxic property, the cocculus indicus can cause balance and motor disturbances. Therefore, its use requires full compliance with the doses recommended by a homeopath.

The safe dosage of Cocculus Indicus in:

  • The transport diseases, 5 granules of Cocculus Indicus 9 CH before departure. If symptoms appear, repeat the operation during the trip.
  • The pregnancy nausea (with sensitivity to cooking odors), 5 CH at each meal.
  • The insomnia and sleep disorders due to jet lag, 5 pellets of 9 CH. This dilution is to be taken in the evening before going to bed.


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