Why use noble chamomile essential oil?

Today, to cure certain disorders, you can use natural treatments such as essential oils. Among the latter, there is the essential oil of chamomile noble. This consists of esters, ketones, aldehydes, monoterpenols or nobilin. Thanks to its many constituents, it contains therapeutic virtues.

What are the properties of this product?

Do you know the benefits of noble chamomile oil ? This product is recognized above all by its antispasmodic properties given its high content of terpene esters. It helps to fight against various spasms, including against digestive cramps. This essential oil also has many other virtues:

  • Thanks to its richness in analgesic compounds, it serves as a tranquilizer and has a pre-anaesthetic property. She is a real anti-stress and anti-nervousness;
  • It proves to be effective in case of itching or allergies thanks to its properties: anti-inflammatory and antipruritic;
  • It has an antiparasitic and antidepressant property. ;
  • Noble chamomile essential oil is also distinguished by its anti-nausea power.

In which case to use it?

Thanks to its many properties, the essential oil of chamomile of noble helps to calm different ailments and different disorders. Therefore, it is very practical:

  • For treat skin problems. It calms irritations or disorders in the skin. It soothes razor burns, itching, psoriasis or acne;
  • To remedy digestive problems such as bloating, or slow digestion;
  • In case of nervous asthma thanks to its actions on the respiratory tract and its psycho-emotional action;
  • In case of sleep problems or stress;
  • In case of emotional problems, traumas and if you suffer from menopausal disorders.
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Noble Chamomile essential oil: how to use it

This product is often suitable for different skin types: sensitive or not, including acne-prone skin. It presents different modes of application depending on the causes treated.

  • To treat your skin disorders, your migraines or even your Teeth ache, it is enough to use it in local application. It is also possible to apply it on tired feet. In case of infant colic, mix it with almond oil and apply it on the belly of your little one;
  • It is used orally in case of nervous shocks or to remedy diseases caused by parasites. Nevertheless, you must respect the dosage of drops to be ingested on your tablet;
  • You can apply it as a hair oil or use it as a shampoo. This will repair brittle hair;
  • In case of emotional shocks, you only have to diffuse it via a diffuser or to inhale it. To do this, just pour a small drop on a handkerchief and inhale it at least 10 times.

A few precautions to take

Certainly thenoble chamomile essential oil has several therapeutic virtues, but it is not suitable for everyone. Indeed, it should not be used on a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding woman. There are also some precautions in using this product:

  • Belonging to the Asteraceae family, chamomile presents some allergy risks. Therefore, people allergic to Asteraceae should not use the essential oil made from this plant. Before any use of this product, it is always advisable to carry out a skin allergy test 48 hours in advance;
  • The use of this oil on a child requires medical advice.
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