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Red tea is obtained by infusing a plant known as rooibos. It is a plant that comes to us from South Africa with the scientific name aspalathus linearis. Used for 300 years, rooibos in the form of tea has virtues and properties beneficial to health.

What is red tea used for?

the red tea helps fight certain diseases. This is the case with cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, digestive disorders, etc. the rooibos in tea helps prevent cancer. It is an anti-cancer that can prevent DNA damage.

For sleep disorders, it will be a great ally. It is a calming and soothing natural against stress and insomnia. Before bedtime, a rooibos tea will help you find deep sleep more easily.

Red tea is known to manage and maintain weight. It will inhibit the accumulation of lipids in fat storage cells. It is an appetite suppressant that limits the secretion of leptin or hunger hormone.

Against cell aging, rooibos tea is effective. This is due to its building blocks like antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals.

How to consume red tea?

For drink teared star, the rooibos leaves must first be crushed and crushed then fermented. They must then be dried in the sun before consuming them as an herbal tea.

To do this, take a spoon full of dried rooibos leaves. Boiling water at a minimum of 100°C will be used for their infusions. It is recommended to infuse these leaves for 5-10 minutes. Thus, the virtuous compounds of rooibos will be favored in red tea.

the rooibos in tea does not contain theine or caffeine. This means that it does not have exciting effects. It is therefore possible to consume this drink throughout the day without restriction. It can even replace the essential water supply for the body. You can alternate water and this tea during the day as long as it reaches 1.5 or 2 liters per day.

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Red tea does not have to be drunk. It is also possible to use it in application on the damaged part of the skin. It is also a staple in sunscreens and other after-sun lotions.

What precautions with red tea?

There are no major precautions to take into account when consuming red tea. It does not present dangerous risks to the people who consume it. Everyone can drink this tea without exception, regardless of their personal situation. There are no contraindications or adverse effects or possible interactions with this tea plant.

It should still be noted that it is forbidden to drink red teas that are too hot. This would save you from burns and esophageal cancer. As a precaution, care must be taken when preparing rooibos tea. In fact, red tea, naturally red, stains objects and clothing. These will be difficult to wash, even where the stains no longer disappear.


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