With Arsenicum Iodatum, physical health and well-being assured

Arsenicum Iodatum connotes a homeopathic strain for therapeutic purposes. It is the arsenic triiodide which is at the origin of the preparation of this remedy. Presented in the form of crystals (orange in color), this homeopathic product acts on different fields. Indeed, its effectiveness is accentuated and is manifested by its action in cardiology, dermatology, en, pneumology and otorhinolaryngology. Odorless and soluble in liquids (water, alcohol), Arsenicum iodatum homeopathic powder is on list 1 of poisonous substances. This chemical element has many forms in homeopathy. Here are all the possibilities: tablet, granules, powder, ointment, doses and oral solution in drops or vials.

Health Concerns Arsenicum Iodatum Can Avoid

We’re going to talk more about the big ones therapeutic advantages of Arsenicum Iodatum. This remedy works effectively:

  • In the pulmonology and ENT sphere: acute cold with runny nose burning and watery and chronic cold. It treats maxillary sinusitis, nasal obstruction, rhinitis and bronchitis.
  • Dermatologically: burning sensations (of the skin or mucous membranes). Indeed, Arsenicum Iodatum treats lichen, psoriasis, eczema with intense pruritus, dry and cold skin.
  • On nutrition and metabolism, it regulates the nutritional problems and metabolic. This drug solves weight loss and fatigue without loss of appetite or food restriction.

Regarding its other indications, Arsenicum Iodatum can repair and treat:

  • Weight loss despite a strong appetite,
  • Tiredness with restlessness,
  • The multiple and hard lymph nodes,
  • Senile heart, arrhythmia and conduction disorders especially in the elderly.
  • very irritating discharge from the mucous membranes (vaginal, conjunctival, pharyngeal, oral or digestive)
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All these discomforts can easily affect sensitive people with physical, emotional or psychic weaknesses. That is, individuals who are elderly, sthenic, frail, or suffering from cardiovascular pathology and skinny young people (despite a preserved appetite).

Different Dosages of Arsenicum Iodatum

The judicious dosages of the homeopathic strain Arsenicum Iodatum in :

  • Pneumology and otolaryngology (iterative coryzas with adenoid hypertrophy or lymphadenopathy, spasmodic coryzas, chronic rhinitis, spasmodic and iterative cough). In medium dilution (9 CH or 18 DH) and in high dilution (15 CH). At the rate of 5 granules, 1 to 2 times a day for 2 months.
  • Dermatology (chronic squamous dermatoses such as atopic dermatitis and cutaneous mycoses). Take (in medium dilution) 7- 9 CH or 14 18 DH at the rate of 5 granules/day for 3 months.
  • Nutrition and metabolism: asthenia, weight loss (despite a strong appetite), convalescence. 7 or 9 CH/14 or 18 DH in medium dilution and at the rate of 5 granules. Frequency of intake: 2 times a day for 1 month.
  • Cardiology (arteriosclerosis of senescence, tachycardias, extrasystoles, myocardiopathies). 7 or 9 CH/14 or 18 DH at the rate of 5 granules per day (for 6 months).


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