Women prefer the smell of vegetarian men

What you eat affects how you smell. That is to say on your body odor, and, therefore, can influence the reaction of others to your smell. Additionally, the smell you give off can also reveal information about your health, especially when it comes to the axillary region of your body (armpits).

We sweat for different reasons. Things like stress, anxiety, fear, exercise, high temperatures, nervousness, anger, and fever can all trigger sweat secretion. Age, overall health and weight can also come into play, but even when subject to the same factors, some people simply sweat more than others in a day.

Australian researchers wanted to explore this hypothesis. after study, it appeared that eating lots of fruits and vegetables, which contain many powerful carotenoids, positively affects the smell you give off. There are over 700 types of natural carotenoids, the best known being beta-carotene.

About 10 or 20 different carotenoids are probably constantly circulating in your blood. Incidentally, some people avoid eating onions or garlic because they feel it affects their body odor. But this is not the case, body odor occurs when bacteria on our skin metabolize compounds secreted by our sweat glands. And from this point of view, garlic and onion have no particular effect.

Ian Stephen, of Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, author of the study, points out that the smell of a person’s sweat is more than just a smell, it can influence their ability to attract a partner .

We’ve known for a long time that smell is an important component of attractiveness, especially for women. Adding that during the study, descriptions had been offered to women who had been made to smell the smell of perspiration, so that they could define what they were detecting.

Eaters of pasta, potatoes, bread have the least pleasant smell

Women generally found that men who ate more vegetables smelled better. Interestingly, men with a fondness for pasta, white potatoes, and bread had the strongest and least pleasant sweat odors of all, including those with high fat intakes. , meat, eggs and tofu.

Women prefer the smell of men who don’t eat meat

Ian Stephen’s study wasn’t the first to look at how a person’s diet influences their body odor. A study conducted by researchers in the Czech Republic, reported that women preferred the smell of men who did not eat meat, to those who did.

The male subjects in the study were divided into two groups, the first placed on a “meat” diet and the second on a “meatless” diet for two weeks, and wore armpit pads to collect their sweating in the last 24 hours. The 30 women participating in the study were asked to rate the sweat samples on their pleasantness, as well as in terms of attractiveness, masculinity, and intensity.

A month later, the same groups of men repeated the exercise, switching diets. Scientists have concluded that the consumption of red meat has a negative impact on the perception of body odor as well as on hedonicity (body odor perceived and remembered), and the principle has been shown to be consistent when men have changed their diet. During this study, it was reported by the women that the consumption of meat gave a more “intense” character to the smell of perspiration.

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