Women’s burnout: take the test to find out if you’re in the red

Burnout is a “disease” that burns everything from the inside. It is not inevitable and looks like a last protection rampart, to avoid a fatal interior fire. Increasingly increasing in recent years, burnout affects all sectors of activity. When the body says stop, the burn-out reaches its climax and leaves a chance to break free, and find the path of oneself. Women are among the populations at risk. The busy life of women (job, mother, wife) and the number of hours devoted to household chores (3h26 on average per day, against 2h for men) are not unrelated to this.

Are you at risk?

By answering these 5 questions about the time spent on your job, you can get an idea of ​​your risk of burnout:

Could it put your life as a couple or your family in danger? YES (1) – NO (0)

Does it allow you to develop your hobbies? YES (0) – NO (1)

Does it allow you to have a fulfilling social life? YES (0) – NO (1)

Are you meticulous or a perfectionist or are you said to be meticulous or a perfectionist? YES (1) – NO (0)

Are you demanding for yourself and for others or are you said to be demanding for yourself and for others? YES (1) – NO (0)

Result: the closer you are to 5, the more you are a candidate for burnout. It is important to regularly give yourself white time to rest and breathe.

bubbles of survival

These white moments are real bubbles of survival that will allow you to reduce the pressure, organize yourself some spaces according to your possibilities:

Mini bubbles: every hour and a half, 5 minute break (coffee, walk, chat,…)

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A daily bubble: 15 to 20 minutes just for yourself, with no performance objective (before 11 p.m.).

A weekly bubble: a personal activity of at least 1 hour.


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