Yellow vests: their health claims

Difficult to see clearly in the claims of the yellow vests as the movement is disparate and multiple. A first list of demands was first sent last week to the media and MPs, then a second list was sent more recently to the . There are proposals on many areas, from the price of tolls through education, wages, health and the environment.

The yellow vests movement originally brought together motorists angry at rising fuel prices. Last May, a motorist launched an online petition to protest against the decision to increase the fuel tax. His petition reached 900,000 signatures last October when the yellow vest movement began to form. Very quickly, the yellow vests gathered around multiple protests. The demands of the yellow vests are not confined to the field of ecological transition, fuel prices or the ISF.

Yellow vests: claims for health

-Health and the environment also appear in the demands of the movement, here is a list:

-Plastics: Prohibit in the very short term the marketing of plastic bottles, glasses and other polluting packaging

-Pharmaceutical laboratories: weaken their influence, general states of health and hospital

– Ban on GMOs, carcinogenic pesticides, endocrine disruptors and monoculture

– Same social security system for all (including craftsmen and auto-entrepreneurs)

-Let us bring well-being to our elderly. Prohibition of making money on the elderly. Gray gold is over.

– Retirement at age 60. And for all those who have worked in a profession that is exhausting for the body, right to retirement at 55 years old

Two or three points are missing from these claims

It is regrettable that nothing is mentioned about the promotion of preventive health measures such as healthy eating, physical exercise or new health approaches which would have a beneficial impact on the health and well-being of the French.

Psssssst :  Phytotherapy as a whole and in its fields of action

The promotion of healthy lifestyles has a direct impact on the reduction in drug consumption, the drastic reduction in the occurrence of serious and disabling illnesses, the quality of life of seniors, the reduction in the weight of social security debt. and of course, improving the quality of life at all ages.


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