Yoni Eggs to liberate the feminine

The release of Lilou Macé’s book entitled “Yoni Eggs, the feminine revealed and liberated” by Leduc.s editions, is an opportunity for us to update the previous article that we had already published on Yoni Eggs. These small objects are a precious treasure for all women who finally want to reveal and embody all aspects of their feminine. The benefits on women’s intimate health (incontinence, loss of organs, libido) are a concrete aspect, but Yoni’s Eggs help to heal emotional and energetic wounds and obstacles that block women and prevent them from becoming themselves. An essential book for all women.

It is the great “YouTuber”, Lilou Macé (hyper link to her YT page), always in search of the world’s best experts in personal development, spiritual evolution and the keys to well-being who recently introduced the practice to the West. Yoni Eggs. This practice was until then confined to a few Eastern experts, repositories of Taoist physical and spiritual health secrets. Following her meeting with one of them, Mantak Chia and her initiation into this practice, she returned from Thailand with this treasure for women.

Egg of Yoni: for the benefit of the Emperors and the concubines

Legend has it that the wives and concubines of Chinese emperors were initiated into the practice of Yoni eggs in order to have perfect health and no less perfect control of their genitals. For the greatest pleasure of the emperor of course, but not only. Yoni eggs, or Jade eggs (because Yoni is the Sanskrit term for female genitalia) were also a way for women to fully invest their femininity, their Yin polarity and thus ensure an energetic and spiritual balance. to the emperor on the occasion of their sexual intercourse.

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Taoist monks, generation after generation, have sought all the optimal uses of energy (Chi), balancing the Yin and Yang polarities and the best ways to stimulate them. The benefits of Taoist energy health exercises are best known in the West through Taï-chi and Chi-kong, which are its offshoots.

Yoni egg: a soft smooth stone inserted into the vagina

The practice of Yoni Eggs is quite simple in its form. It is for the woman to insert a small smooth egg into her vagina, carved in rose quartz, carnelian, amethyst, tiger’s eye or new jade and to perform muscle exercises to move the egg from bottom to top of the vagina, from the lips to the uterus, on the sides, and thus not only to become intimately aware of this very little-known area but also to exercise the different muscles of the perineum, the anus, and the different parts of the vagina . Accompanied by breathing and visualization exercises, the many benefits in terms of health of the area, of better mental and energetic being or of course on the libido, will soon appear.

Urinary leakage, menopause, libido, intimate health regained

First of all, the Jade egg allows women to become aware and better feel the pelvic, vaginal and ovarian area. In terms of the health of this part of the woman’s body, it tones the entire genital system both muscularly and hormonally and energizes the whole body.

The simple stimulation of the pelvic area helps to prevent many symptoms and diseases that manifest themselves due to energetic and physical stagnation in the genitals. For example, the benefit of the practice of Jade eggs allows in terms of health to:

– prevent and resolve problems of urinary incontinence and organ descent

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– prevent vaginal dryness and boost natural lubrication

– promote relaxation of the pelvic area

– reduce the pain of menstruation

– re-toning the area after childbirth

– rebalance the hormonal system and reduce the symptoms of menopause

– increase desire and intimate pleasure in order to experience a more fulfilling sexuality.

Well-being, confidence, centering: investing the strength of your femininity

On a psychological level, the Yoni egg unfolds a wide range of unexpected benefits. The presence of the egg inside the body allows to:

– Develop awareness of the genital area, pelvis and sex

– Promotes refocusing and a return to one’s interiority in all circumstances

– Relate to the pelvic area with kindness after trauma

– Restore self-confidence and femininity

– Provides a feeling of well-being and vitality

– Avoids being easily decentered in public or during tense exchanges, especially with a man

Energy and spiritual care: Taoist secrets

On the energetic and spiritual level, which are the results of the knowledge of the Taoists in Chinese medicine and in the manipulation of vital energy, the Yoni egg makes it possible to:

– Awaken the energy of life and stimulate it in abundance

– Concentrate and deploy the basic energy, the root energy, that of the joy of incarnation

– Purify the subtle and energetic planes of emotional memories blocked in the matrix

– Maintain an inner smile that starts from the pelvis and spreads to the rest of the energy centers

– Tonify the energy of the kidneys, source of our ancestral energy

– To erase the generational traumas accumulated in the matrix and transmitted from mother to daughter

How to do when you start with Yoni Eggs, practical advice:

Choose an egg carved in stone that appeals to you the most, this will facilitate the first manipulations. The egg should be pierced through to allow you to insert a nylon string or piece of dental floss, allowing you to remove the egg from the vagina at any time. There are several sizes of eggs, the standard size is recommended to start with, you can carry it inside you without risking losing it. Over time and as the vagina gradually builds up, you can experiment with a smaller egg. The small size is also suitable for women who have difficulty inserting a tampon, for example, or tension due to trauma.

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After use, pass the egg under hot water, you can also soak it in vinegar, antiseptic water, or in water with a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil. Do not use disinfectant lotion, you could unbalance your vaginal flora.

From time to time, let your egg recharge its energy by putting it in salt water and then a few hours in the open air.

Over time, you will be able to use the egg during the day, during your daily activities: work, walks or while you sleep. It will become an essential element of your well-being and you will surely have, as the Taoists say, “the joy of feeling that you are wearing a jewel, inside”.

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